Model making


Model making, Enlargement & Reduction.

We would like to introduce ourselves and our workshop and all the procedures we are specialized in. We can offer different kinds of techniques, modern or traditional.

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Making of silicone rubber negatives for sculpture reproduction by the lost wax process but also chemical sand. Procedure carried out by moulding, brushing or spraying, each at author’s requirement or sculpture’s pretention.

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Lost wax


We execute lost wax casting by the procedure of ceramic shells aa well as by traditional methods (mixture of plaster and grog).

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Sand casting


Also known as sand molded casting, is a metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mold material.Mixtures of sand with resin as well as sodium silicate can be implemented in the embodiment of the sculptures.

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Artistic Forge


Hand-crafted in traditional and contemporary styling according to your requirements, our forged metalwork solutions offer the highest quality textures and finishes. Our forged metalwork is also weather and corrosion resistant to stand the test of time.

We executed the metal fittings at the residence of His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain!

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We make constructed sculptures, assembled from sheets, profiles of corten, stainless steel, laminate bronze and laminate brass..

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Over the years we have acquired the necessary experience in restoration processes in bronze, iron, stainless steel.
The objective of this work is to repair works that have deteriorated due to passage of time or were damaged in other circumstances.

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Patina is a chemical-thermal process based on special substances to achieve the desired colours by the artist.

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Plaques – Trophies – Medals

Plaques, Trophies & Medals


Custom plaques, trophies and medals, engraved & embossed, are perfect for everything from small office celebrations to large-scale corporate events.

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Finishing and polishing


Being an integrant element of quality, finishing and polishing having an important role in the making process, we use designed or adapted tools.

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