Manually handcrafted since 1997. Craftshop on the outskirts of Madrid, with its ocupational focus on forged artistry, a selfexplanatory example being the creation of all ornamental wrought iron trimmings at the Spanish Royal House of Prince Felipe VI Royal Palace Moncloa, restaurative works in Royal Palace Granja de San Idelfonso Segovia and not only.

Starting year 1999, we have extended our craftmanship by an additional focus into: Hand Forged Sculptures, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Weathering steel. Our experience is based on craftsmanship that includes traditional and contemporary skills in creating unique and personalized works of art and commercial demands.

In 2013 we moved our workshop to the traditional rich with history Romania, Northern Transylvania, Baia Mare city, where we currently base our work.

All through these years, we brought our craft to a superior level of art, blending the traditional “blacksmithening” with the most modern perfect touches, giving our customers just about the best they can get.

We can offer different kinds of techniques, modern or traditional.
If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Martín Chirino and Daniel Pop working at Violonchelo, Sueño de la Música, 2019



Our workshop creates: Monumental sculptures, Hand Forged Works, Ornamental Iron Works, Business Signatures, Unique Outdoor Metal sculptures, Commercial / Functional art installations, Statement pieces for your home, your business corporation or galleries, Sculptures for your private garden, Home/Indoor sculptures.



The mentor, Martin Chirino speaking about Daniel Pop

”Daniel Pop, sensitive sculptor, great art lover, firmly believes in creating new space for creation, foundry in favour of art, a place where I have seen growing perhaps one of the art exhibitions that I never in my entire long life as sculptor have I known.

Daniel Pop, a man of great sensitivity, dedicates himself body and soul in the process of creating each work being prepared in this workshop where the latest technical developments are employed to create today's art, art in freedom.

Daniel Pop scans the horizon of the art scene by blindly believing that without passion, there is no life. Thank you.”

Date 24 Jul, 2017. Video by Berta Delgado




June 12, 2020

Omagiu adus Limbii Române

Omagiu adus Limbii Române, 2016 Bronz, h: 240 cm. Muzeul de Artă – Piața Libertății, Satu Mare, Ro
June 12, 2020

Ion I.C. Brătianu

The Monumental Ensemble ”Ion I.C. Bratianu”, 2017 Bronz, h 240 cm. Parc Ion C. Brătianu – Oradea, România